Friday, 20 April 2012

Personalise your phone, everyday of the week! Phone cover DIY

Ok, so I like to have everything matching. My shoes must match my bag which matches my jewellery which of course matches my clothes. My phone however has let my down for quite sometime. Not any more! I thought about it & came up with a quick & easy way to match my phone to my outfit!


Scrapbooking paper! I brought a plain, clear silicon case for my phone & cut up some of my scrapbooking paper that I have a mountain of & there you have it!



Once you have your paper cut to size, just trace the phone, then mark out any camera or flash holes with a pen.
Take the paper back out of the cover & use a Stanley knife to cut out the holes.
Put the paper back in, then your phone & you are all set to go!



Now I can change my phone cover everyday of the week!
I think it would look awesome with a photo of the girls in there too!
I have got you thinking now, haven’t I?


  1. What phone do you have, if you don't mind me asking. :]

    1. I have a HTC phone but I think you can get clear silicon covers for almost any phone.


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