Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Shell necklace, DIY. Holiday memories to last

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As you all know by now, we spend most of our spare time at the beach. It could be camping, fishing or 4wding. My favourite thing to so is to walk along the beach & collect shells. I have fishbowls full, glass jars full, you name it…if it can hold shells, it has them! Sometimes if we are lucky, we even even come across the perfect shell that can be used as a pendant. You know the ones? The ones where the ocean & nature has made a little hole just so it can be used on a necklace.


All you need is
the perfect shell,
a split ring,
some twine, cord or thin leather,
and a little bit of glue


Just open the split ring & put it through the hole in the shell. I like to put a little bead of hot glue to hold the jump ring in place.


Thread some cord through & cut it to the desired length of the necklace. Tie in a knot.


And there you have it. A reminder of the beach!

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  1. I love how shells get that little hole :) For some reason, we don't get many shells washing up on the beach here at my place. I used to live along the beachfront at Margate though and could always find really pretty shells there.
    Great idea :)


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